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Private Sessions

A deep hunger that lies within every human being, is the inner ache to self actualise. To know who we are and why we are here. It is the primary agenda of awakening and our spiritual evolution. However many people will never take the steps necessary to begin to access their own greatness and realise their full potential. The task of meeting this challenge begins with our own inner awakening and this awakening can come in many forms and through many paths.

The sessions offered by Lani, offer you steps along the inner path of this awakening and they will gift you with self awareness and transformational tools that will allow you to fully participate in the great journey that is your life. Instead of living a meaningless, mediocre life, filled with social conformity, mindless entertainment, disconnected relationships and unconscious living, these sessions will empower you to choose the wisdom paths of self knowledge, sacred law, serving love, living with aliveness of being and walking the beauty ways that teach you how to share our sacred earth in harmony and balance with all beings. This requires that you learn the lessons that your life's experiences are teaching you and that you choose to be courageous as you face the tests and challenges that find the light within your shadows, reveal source to you and manifest mastery.

This inner work is also more deeply enhanced when you understand the ramifications of your level of personal awareness on Mother Earth.
You are deeply connected to mother earth and the current desecration and truction of her living temple. When you develop a relationship with your mother, you feel it when your mother’s body is raped of her minerals, her bodies nutrients and her fertility. You feel broken hearted when her animal children are needlessly hunted, slaughtered and treated with cruelty and neglect. You feel the impact of a thirsty planet when her rivers run dry and her oceans are polluted, and you feel your own lungs tightening and longing for clean air as your mother gasps for air each time her jungles are cleared and the great grandfather and grandmother trees are cut down......When you understand that your living body and the living body of mother earth are one, that there is no seperation, you are forced to ask yourself a question and hopefully, you will be courageous enough in your answer. What are you doing to clean up your own personal ecology?

For example,
...Do you pollute the living waters of your body with chemicals, processed foods, drugs, alcohol and negative thoughts and emotions?
Do you know what truly lies at the core of your emotional, psychological and spiritual hungers?
Have you healed your own feelings of being violated and raped?... and have you taken steps to call back your power? 

Do you fight and war with your neighbours? Do you listen to the voice of the small child within you or did you abandoned that child along time ago? ...these are some of the challenges that pollute your personal ecology and prematuely age us because our personal ecology becomes unsustainable.

Book a session with Lani and start cleaning up the inner clutter that pollutes your body/ mind/ soul and start making the kind of changes that truly make a difference!


                                                                  “Be the change you want to see in the world”….Ghandhi