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Tantra Sessions for Men

Tantra Sessions For Men

Level 1 - The ABC's of Tantra
In level 1 Tantra you will learn the ABC's of Tantric Sexual Education. 
In this first level of sessions you will be learning how to transform sexual energy into love, so that you can actually "make love" more often, and you will be learning the essential tantric art of ejacualtion control.

For men this means learning how to move beyond goal-orientated sex and s-l-o-w down so that you can relax more into both the sensual and the sexual pleasures of lovemaking with your partner. This is especially important for satisfying your female partner on a deeper emotional and sexual level. Her body needs more time to open and be ready for sex. When men enter their partners too quickly, (and finish too quickly), female bodies can gradually close down and a woman's libido, desire and interest in sex can dwindle over time.

On the other hand - fulfilling, nourishing, rejuvenating, longer lasting sex. Sex that is heart connected and transformational in how it deliscously infuses sensual.sexual energy throughout both bodies....this kind of sex naturally increases the passion and desire in your relationship. It increases vitality, and it increases libido. When lovers take their time and learn to be present. learn to be heart connected and learn to follow the pleasure trail (instead of following the habits of the body and mind), and they learn to invite the sacred into their lovemaking, their sexual experience is greatly heightened. This is where sexuality and spirituality become one. Deep intimacy, love and ecstatic communion is created between lovers and a state of merging with each other is experienced.

It's a state of deep surrender and total opnenness to who you TRULY are.
It's a state of openning to love, pleasure and the power of the moment - without any boudaries. ...
it's a state that is in truth
, beyond my words to describe......and it's a state you will want to taste and experience for yourself.....xxxooo

"When you add soul to sex, it's not sex's god"
Jeff Brown

Each session is created to meet your specific needs and interests and all sessions are very professional, and yet intimate and connected.
During each session there will be:


Level 2 - The Multi Orgasmic Man
Men are still learning about their sexual potential and when it comes to sex, most of men don't actually know what is possible.
Men's sexual education has been influences and limited by: cultural norms and expectations, pornography (porn changes a man's brain chemistry & encourages disconnection in his relationship), a lack of initiated male and female teachers,
emotional, sexual and spiritual immaturity, and unhealthy mental fantasy (that keeps a man in his mind, and out of his heart and out of the moment).

Tantra requires maturity! This means that it requires inner work.
So for many men, becoming a tantric lover also means a rite of passage.
A passage from boyhood into manhood. ...For example, a man needs to do his "mother work" to be able to relate clearly, consciously, respectfully and lovingly to a woman.

He needs to develop eyes that see her essence,
ears that hear her heart song,
a nose that smells the scent of her truth,
hands that touch her with the care of soul,
a mouth that has developed a taste for the many flavours of her turn on,
and your masculine presence that knows how to hold her inner world so that she feels emotionally safe so that she can trust you with her surrender.

If you feel you're ready for the challenge of learning how to make love from a place of essence, a place of love, a place of sacredness and soul, then Level 2 is for you!.

In level 2 - The Multi Orgasmic Man, you will begin to explore your sexual potential, take an adventure into pleasure and find out what it truly possible for you and your partner!

During each session there will be:



 Advanced Body Temple Sessions For Men

Tantric Massage for Men
Prerequisite: Body temple sessions are offered as a session on their own once you have completed some foundation sessions on Tantra

In a tantric massage your entire body will be massaged.
The overall goal of the massage is to create a space in which the receiver can relax and experience e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d pleasure from surrendering to the softer, gentler side of the more sensual and nurturing strokes.

For men, ejaculation is not a part of tantric massage.
You are gathering and circulating energy within you so that you may become multi-orgasmic.
The journey of tantric massage is to allow the receiver to surrender to a form of pleasure he/she may not be used to. This is done through specialized massage strokes of the genitals, coupled with breathing exercises and chakra opening techniques that will allow you to sink into yet deeper levels of relaxation and altyered states of awareness.

Sacred Spot / Prostate Massage
Prerequisite: Body temple sessions are offered as a session on their own once you have completed some foundation sessions on Tantra

The Sacred Spot of a man
is his prostate gland. Massaging the man's sacred spot releases tremendous amounts of  emotional and physical tension and stress. Coupled with stimulation of his "lingam", massaging his prostate can be extremely pleasurable and healing for a man. Since the most direct way to massage the man's Sacred Spot is through his anus, it takes time to adjust to being penetrated in this way. It is not for every man. Massaging the sacred spot can be a powerful experience for men and the pleasure they experience can be can be intense and profoundly beautiful.


How long is a tantra session?
Men's Tantra sessions are approximately 90 minutes

What is the cost?
Sessions - $260 /session for men and women's sessions

Where is Lani located?
Newcastle, NSW Australia
How do I contact Lani?
To Call or Email here