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Personal Growth Counselling

“The first rule of healing is to shine light into the darkness”…Raphael, Embodied Spirituality

The human psyche is made up of three selves: The social self, the authentic self and the no-self/your soul. Do you know which one of these selves you live as each day? Can you answer these questions: Who are you? Why are you here? What is the purpose in life? Do you know what guidance from your soul feels like?...If you live from the level of your social self, the answer to these questions will most probably be…”I don’t know” and for many people, not knowing the answers to these questions manifests as an empty feeling inside, like something is missing Something is missing, your authentic self and living your life with soul as your source.

When you choose to live your life from the level of your social self, you are choosing to live life from the level of your wounds, These wounds imprint your life’s story upon your psyche and they predispose you to certain experiences, attract particular types of people into your life, recycle through the same old dramas and store painful memories in your cellular tissue that eventually manifest as illness and dis-ease within your body. The social self also says ‘yes’ to the image makers of this world who have been shaping, moulding and defining the personal dream of who you think are since the time you were conceived. The social self is not the “real” you. It is the pretender self that is doing what it must to fit in, be liked / loved/ approved of/ and accepted. All of its behaviours are driven by an external pay-off and most of life lived from this self involves falling asleep to the shining light of your true potential and becoming a part of the ego’s unconscious collective dream.

When you choose to live your life from the level of authenticity and soul, you are choosing to live courageously and live the sacred dream that connects you to the sacred dream of the earth. You are therefore choosing to do the personal work required to cultivate spiritual power. This requires the willingness to perceive every experience you have ever had, as being essential lessons for your personal growth. Every aspect of your life is valuable and every person in your life has been a teacher that has provided you with the perfect mirror for you to look take an honest look at yourself in.

The challenge in developing this kind of sight lies in your ability to stop blaming external forces for the way you feel, accept personal responsibility for your behaviours and choices and take the ‘road less travelled’ and journey inward to face your inner darkness.  Here your work is to clear out emotional and mental clutter that prevents you from knowing the voice of your soul.

You are the answer to all of the questions you have about your life.
Often we need you a guide to shine a bright light into our darkness and show us the way to connect to our inner knowing. Lani is such as guide and she offers you different modalities that will allow you to turn your attention inward so that you can hear the voice of truth that shall set you free.

 For guidance in living an authentic life, contact Lani for a session


How long is personal growth session?
Individual sessions are approximately 90 minutes and couples sessions are from 2-3 hours.
What is the cost?
Sessions - $100/hour

How many sessions will you need?
It is normally recommended to have a minimum of 3 sessions as a minimum and benefits can be noticed from 5 to 8 sessions.