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”The cause of most of the unhappiness on earth is that man and woman have actually forgotten how to make physical love. This is the greatest tragedy of all time. Woman’s basic unhappiness is because man can no longer reach her physically. Her emotional excess, depressions, tearful frustrations, even premenstrual tension and the conditions leading to hysterectomy and other uterine problems, are due to man’s sexual failure to gather or release in lovemaking her finest, fundamental, female energies. These extraordinarily beautiful divine energies are intense and exquisite and when left untapped in woman, as they are now, they degenerate into psychic or emotional disturbances and eventually crystallise into physical abnormalities. The womb gives birth to all things.
Man’s basic unhappiness, his perennial restlessness, is because in forgetting how to make love he’s abandoned his original divine authority and lost sexual control of himself. His emotional or psychic degeneracy manifests as sex obsession. All men, without exception, are sex obsessed. This means compulsive sexual fantasising, chronic masturbation (even when living with a partner), sex repression leading to anger and violence, and the universal symptoms of chasing wealth and getting lost in work. Busyness and wealth-gathering compensate for being an inept lover and are cover-ups (in both sexes) for the inability or fear to love."…….Barry Long 

Take a moment to consider your sexual education…...
What did you learn?

MEN, ...did you learn

- you can orgasm without ejaculating......yep, they are two different reflexes in your body!
- and there are different types of orgasm that you can experience
- women have 9 different types of yonhis and each one requires touch, presence and the gift of your loving in a different ways
- kissing is an important ingredient of sex, you know how to be present in your kisses?
- methods of ejaculation control so that you can make love for as long as you desire
- how to ask her for what she likes in a way that opens her heart, her mind and her body
- how to ask your lover for what you want in a way that invites her to offer this
- how to transform sex into Lovemaking as a way to connect more deeply to yourself, and to your lover
- how to harness sexual enegy to fuel your dreams/ purpose / and manifest your intentions
- how to be fully present in lovemaking so that sex becomes meditative and prayerful, and expands you into spiritual realms

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WOMEN, ...did you learn

- that your sexual energy heats slower than a man’s and you naturally need more time to reach high states of arousal 
- your body
has tantric keys that either open or close your body sexually
- women’s genitals come in various shapes and sizes and each can be pleasured in different ways according to the type of yonhi you have
- men’s genitals also come in various shapes and sizes and each can be pleasured in different ways
- how to find your g-spot and how to stimulate it
- you have 3 main types of sexual waters which includes female ejaculation....(Mmm Hmmm....women can ejaculate too)
- the spiritual role of female ejaculation – your Gaia, your waters of life
- what your sexual needs and desires are and how to ask for what you want to satisfy them
- your sexuality has a strong emotional component that is essential to nourish
- trust is a big BIG deal,and yes it must be present for you to fully open and surrender with your beloved
- your body has an enormous capacity for pleasure?... (you have 8000 nerve endings
just in your clitoris!!....yeah baby)    
- your Shakti (feminine life force) is an unlimited source of energy and has tremendous healing, rejuvenation and regeneration capacities for you    and your partner

- there are at least 9 OHMazing lingham strokes you can learn to drive your man c-r-a-z-y!!  :-))))

Information on Tantra Sessions for Women here

The intention of Tantric healing sessions is to become sexually and spiritually alive,
whole and free!

This means awakening and acknowledging your sexual self, learning to engage your heart and your senses in lovemaking and reclaiming your full capacity for pleasure. It also means cultivating the ability to expand your spiritual container so that your lovemaking becomes a meditation that opens doorways into higher states of consciousness. Tantric Yogis believe that the body temple and its senses are the gateways through which god/goddess enjoys the world, so when you can fully engage your entire being in lovemaking you are opening doorways through which the divine enters you to enjoy itself through your body/mind/soul. Therefore in sacred sex it is important to honor your desire, love, passion and your pleasure.

 Tantric sex involves these main essences

1. Presence
2. Heart Connection
3. Emotional and sexual Intimacy

4. Turn sex into making love
5. Deeper, longer, sweeter orgasmic states
6. Meditative

When these essences are a part of your lovemaking you will begin to cultivate self awareness and personal power and your orgasms will: balance and cleanse your emotions, rejuvenate and regenerate your physical body, open your heart into deeper love and surrender, bring clarity and stillness to your mind and connect you to higher aspects of your self. Tantric sex awakens your sensual energies and regenerates your body in such a way that these essences of presence, heart connection and meditation impact every aspect of your life.



What will you learn?

Physical Skills – ejaculation control, increase virility/libido, erection/yonhi strength, increased orgasmic potential, regeneration through sex
Emotional Skills – transform sex into lovemaking, heart to heart communication and intimacy skills, cultivate attentive hearts

Mental Skills
- it's your mind that perceives and creates an experience so learn how to focus your mind and stay present, transform your thinking about sex and lovemaking

Emotional Skills
- learn ways to open to more love, feel more love in your heart whilst making love, experience more emotional intimacy and deeper connection between you and your beloved

Spiritual Skills
- tantra weaves sexaulity and spirituality intimately together whih allows you to experience hightened senses, altered states of awarness, timelessness and feelings of being one with your beloved and one with everything around you.


How long is a session?

Tantric sessions are approximately 90 minutes, allow more time for couples 2hrs.

Information on Tantra Sessions for here
Information on Tantra Sessions for Women here

What is the cost?
Tantra Singles session - $260/session
Couples Love Coaching - $285/session

How many sessions will you need?
This depends on what needs to be healed as you grow sexually.
It is normally recommended to have a minimum of 3 sessions 

Where is Lani based?
In Newcastle, NSW, Australia

How do I contact Lani?
To Call or Email here

What people say about their sessions with Lani!

Brian 45, Seattle, USA

"The power of her presence and depth of love Lani brings to her sessions is astounding.  Her unique gifts created a space where deep, permanent transformations to my being occurred.  One afternoon with Lani was more beneficial than countless hours of therapy, workshops and retreats."

Joel 24, California, USA
I went to Lani because I had heard about Tantra, however I had never had any direct experience if it. Lani was awesome! I felt that I was in the hands of a great teacher from the very beginning. She explained deep wisdom to me with so much love, warmth and simplicity. I loved her feminine presence, her sensuality, her sacredness. I felt like I was with a priestess in a temple. I experienced some amazing things with Lani, she opened me up to feelings that I never knew where possible and I feel ready to really make love to a woman for the first time in my life. I am really grateful to Lani for teaching me this. I truly believe that every young man needs to come and learn tantra. It’s a powerful initiation into your manhood. Thank you forever and for always Lani!

 Sasha, 32, New York, USA
I went to see Lani because I had been sexually abused and my sexuality had been closed down all of my adult life. I wanted to find out if there was anything tantra could offer that would allow me to feel safe with sexual energy. Oh my god, Lani was fantastic! I am a new woman. I feel free, I actually have a body that I feel, that I am learning to love and thanks to Lani, I have a temple –not just a body, and I have learnt to enter my temple as a place of worship. I have learnt how to go within myself and find all of the things that I was looking for outside of myself. Love, attention, approval, beauty, nourishment and finally, I have found safety and peace. Now my next step is to learn how to be a great lover to myself and Lani and I have already begun to take the first steps on this journey!!!!!...Thank you Lani 


Jason, 46
Jason had been with the same partner for 18 years. His main drive and purpose for doing the sessions was to reconnect with his wife and re ignite the passion in their relationship, " after 18 years with the same woman we tended to make love in habitual ways. I don't want to cheat to get more experience but I need more input. I looked at a few porno's for ideas but that stuff actually turns my partner off. I want to learn how to turn her on and me too!"

'I was a bit nervous seeing Lani, but she soon gained my confidence and ease being with her. I wasn't really in tune with the Indian Tantra philosophy and ritual but she quickly picked that up and we got into what I really wanted; opening my heart more, sharing my feelings and learning to concentrate more on my partner's the pleasure not just her orgasm."

"I experienced a very beautiful sensation with the breathing practice, I was feeling strong sexual energy moving through my body and hers, even without physical penetration I learned how to generate sexual energy through her and I could see her responding. Also I realized I needed to last much longer in order to get my partner into these higher places. Lani gave me four excellent techniques for ejaculation control."

' I went home very happy, relaxed but full of energy and really excited about making love to my wife, I hadn't felt this for quite some time, we had an amazing time. She actually cried then laughed within a couple of minutes. The look of love in her eyes was what really touched me deeply. I'm so glad I took the steps to do the session with the goddess. I'm also reading the book and keen to cultivate more skills as a tantric lover. Thanks Lani.'

Joanna, 36
Joanna was very emotional, her main drive for wanting to learn about pleasing a man is that she is afraid her husband may be either having an affair, or is thinking about it and these feelings presented during the session. We did yoga moves to relax and open her body

After the session: Joanna was really grateful for the session and what she had learnt. She was left feeling more confident about what steps she is able to take to create connection and more intimacy with her partner and she was much more settled and happier within herself and her new found skills.

Carlos, 57
Carlos came to improve erection strength and to also improve his ability to connect. We were able to discover that he has other issues playing out with his creative energy and linked up that when he began to suppress his creativity, is the same time that his erection strength and interest in sex began to waver.

We first worked on how to clear away his anxiety when he started to loose erection. He realised the more he struggled to get it back the worse it got. I taught him how to relax and move the energy into his penis and not his thoughts (which takes the energy to the head). I also taught him how to reactivate and fuel his creativity by harnessing his sexual energy and directing it into his intentions and will rather than losing it through ejaculation which he said was often unsatisifying and weak anyway. I gave him Taoist exercises to practice until I see him again for the next session.

After the session he felt calm, centered, happy, energized and excited about regaining his creativity and sexual power. He couldn't stop smiling.