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Private Sessions

Body Temple Sessions For Women

The first step towards Integration of sexual energy is to make friends with your body.
Befriend it, love it, respect it, revere it, is your body- temple and each person  each body you encounter, is a living temple of God.

Clearing the Ground

Before any garden can be seeded to grow anything you first need to clear the ground. You need to dig up the soil, remove weeds, stones, toxins and any other materials in the soil that prevent it from being a fertile seed bed. You need to do the same with your physical body.

You physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually need to prepare the saced seed bed of your inner world in which you can do your seed work in...
Seed work = your visioning, your sacred dreaming.
This is essential to cultivate so that you can learn how to enter the still empty space of the great mystery... (the great cosmic womb that is highly pregnant with infinite potential and posibilities)... and receive, conceive and then birth your sacred work into the world.  Its also essential so that you can fully embody the sensual-sexual-orgastic potential that your body innately has access to.

As women, it is important that we give ourselves permission to reclaim the power of our bodies and allow ourselves the honour and privilege of calling back our spirit from the relationships, places, experiences, agreements, old powerless stories and anything or anyone else that we have given a piece of our power to. Its time to accept the whole truth about ourselves - no matter how powerfull that may be.

....because we cannot find outside of ourselves, that which we lack inside

Many women want to feel loved, wanted, held, desired and worshipped. Yet they pay litttle attention to being a loving giver to themselves so that they can feel wanted, desired, held, loved and worshipped by their own hearts, their own hands, their own touch and their own bodies. Learning self love is a key ingredient to awakening a woman's sexual power.

It's also important for a woman to receive sensual - sexual education so that she can understand her body, learn about the nature of desire, understand how to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy, and learn about her, and her partners sexual response. For example: the power of women’s sensual - sexual response isn't simply located in her genitals. A woman's enitre body is connected to her sexuality, which is why for a woman sex is rarely ever about just having sex. For a woman, sex is connected to all of who she is.

Sex is especially connected to the shape of her heart and her emotional ebb and flow.  If her heart is closed to some degree, her body will be too. If her body feels unsafe, her heart will find it challenging to trust love, trust her orgasms, and trust her partner. For a woman, every part of her is connected to her sexuality.

So where do you begin?
It's important for a woman to arrive at home within her own body. There are many paths that will lead a woman to this sacred place: yoga, meditation, dance, sacred movement, journalling, creative therapies, etc.....the paths to pay the attention to are the ones that teach you how to turn your attention inward and offer you guidance on how to tend your inner fire, sit with your own quietness, and listen to the voice of your own intuitive knowing and feel safe within your own being.

Tantra is such a path!.. Tantra offers women practices and wisdom ways that supports women to build a relationship with their inner knowing. Knowing that lies within the energetic nuances of their own body. Tantra suports women to cultivate a relationship with their own body that allows them to  feel the safe, held, nourished, seen, witnessed, deeply touched and loved within their own inner places.  Places where spirit meets their physical form and holy ground is finally felt and walked upon, perhaps for the very first time in their lives,  ...and it all takes place within their own precious being.

Body Sessions for Women ( feeling safe within your own body)

Yonhi Mapping
Yonhi Mappping is a practice that allows a woman to map any tension patterns that may exist within her body, particularly in her pelvic bowl.
These tension patterns are created by how she inhabits her body and how she copes with emotional, physical and creative stress. These tension patterns play a big role in why women have difficulty letting themselves go sexually because their heads are full  (a masculine movement), full with to do lists, school schedules, work stresses, goals, relationship pressure, ideas, thoughts, shopping lists, etc.....And, after spending hours behind an office desk, cleaning homes, parenting precious children, going to the gym, working at school canteens, running careers and businesses,....their bodies are full, however they're not full of vital feminine energy, they're full of tension. A full head and a tense body depletes a woman's energy. However, when her mind is at peace and she is internally aware that she is resting at home within her own body, then a woman's energy is is flowing, replenshing, rejuvenating and joyfull and she naturally births her wild, authentic, creative, sensual sexual self.

Clearing the Womb Space / Pelvic Bowl:
Muscles that are tense are the bodies way of defending and armouring itself against anything that feels like it's an experience of pain, stress, fear, anxiety or trauma. It is vital for a woman's creativity and self nourishment that she restores energy to places of numbness, disconnecting, disassociation, shutdown and all places of trauma. With each layer of feeling and pelvic awareness recalimed through yonhi mapping, a woman can re-embody herself as the magnifiect, divine, luscious, precious, beautiful creatrix that she is.

Yonhi mapping is a hands-on vaginal massage that releases any tension held within a woman's root muscles, located within her yonhi and womb space. After some meditation, some relaxation exercises and some breathing practices, I will be gently introducing myself to your yonhi, and I will be entering you with great reverence and sacred care. I will be feeling for any areas of tension or pain, areas of unusual temperature changes, and any muscle knots that may lie within the pelvic walls of the yonhi. Together we will be mapping these areas of tension until we have mapped the holding patterns within the root of your body.

Once these holding patterns are released they often set free old patterns of
sadness, anger, guilt, grief, fear, neglect, disconnect and deep seperation. The female body has been a source of deep shame, (religous shame, cultural shame, personal, ancestral and collective shame), therefore yonhi mapping also often reveals places that are often connected to greater themes in a woman's life.

You may require 2-3 sessions of yonhi mapping to release holding patterns and reclaim your flexible, healthy, soft open yonhi and your fertile, creative, energised womb space!!....(sometimes more sessions are required, especially if there is a history of sexual abuse or trauma)

 Yonhi Mapping is a healing session that is usually practiced before a Yonhi/ Vaginal Massage.
Yonhi Massage,
Yonhi is the Sanskrit word for the vagina and loosely translated it means ‘sacred space’ and ‘field of pleasure’. In Tantra the yonhi is a sacred part of the female body that must be held and touched with great love, care and respect. Women are the energy keepers, and we record our life's stories in our bodies.
Our yonhi's hold the stories and energy patterns of our relationship with our creative energy -  the energy to conceive, carry and birth physical, creative and spiritual children.It holds the energy paterns of how we feel about being female.

The yonhi holds the energies of our ALL of our lovers, and the yonhi holds the energetics of how we use our creative energy to conceive , carry and birth our physical and creative / spiritual children....(an example of this is that the  yonhi / uterus/ ovaries - hold the energy of creative abortions and miscarriages, and infertile /sterile dreams that have never been birthed /actualised). All of these energies are important to clear from the female body so that a woman can be more sustainable within her creative energy, find her places of internal power, and remember who she is as the Sacred Feminine.

Yonhi Massage often begins as a non-sexual massage that allows a woman to consciously connect with her body, and come into contact with the creative energies within her body. Through out the massage a woman can become aware of areas of numbness, discomfort, and weakness in muscles that are meant to bring nourishment to the deep internal muscles of the entire pelvic bowl.

As her yonhi and her body is reclaimed, pleasure begins to return to the yonhi and the massage can move into a deeply pleasurable, nourishing, rejuvenating and deeply powerful experience.It is an essential tool for female health and it is a powerful practce that resores physical, emotional, and energetic balance to woman's being.

“ Women have no information on how to intentionally create the orgasmic state or how to embrace the gift of orgasm. In this void of wisdom, woman does not understand herself as intimately or expertly as she could. As a consequence, this naiveté about her body operates unconsciously against her better interests-in life, in love and in sex.

By ‘rooting’ the consciousness in the body and using the body as a constant reference point, a woman is able to arrive increasingly to the present moment. Indeed the body is the only thing that exists in present moment and learning to live through the body increases our chances of overall happiness. When you and your lover are able to easily experiment with each other, playfully and willingly, and with commitment, love is able to penetrate you more deeply”..…
Diane Richardson



Tantra for Women - Sexual Awakening of Shakti (feminine life force)

Tending the Fire - the Alchemy of transforming sexual energy into spiritual energy
Once a woman feels safe within her body and begins to trust the sensations of her own body once again, there is further sensual -sexual awakening that she can experience.
Each session is tailored to meet your specific needs and interests and each session will be very professional, and yet intimate and connected.

During each session there will be some discussion, breath work, meditation, Intimacy Practices, Communication Excercises, and Tantric Education on how to transform sexual energy into it's highest potential.

How long is a session?
Men's and Women's
 Indiviual Tantra sessions are  90 minutes
Yonhi Mapping Session approcimately 2 -2.5hrs
Couples Sessions are 2 hrs

What is the cost?
Individual Sessions - $260 /session for men and women's session
Yonhi Mapping - $280 /session
Couples Session $280

Where is Lani located? 
Newcastle, NSW Australia
How do I contact Lani?
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