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The Power of Retreats - 2017      


Q: What happens when we take ourselves away to dedicate ourselves to following our bliss, and deepening our spiritual practice?

We expand into our unloved corners of our being that wait for us,
We create the time to come together in community, as tribe...and we remember who we truly are,
We awaken unlimited possibilities,...and awaken to love’s presence within ourselves,
And birth our life from the heartbeat that pulses within our joy and our pure, sublime, ecstatic bliss!!  

 Why is it important for women to come together in conscious community?
We gather together to remember the truth of who we are. To remember we ARE love, that we are the revelation of the soul in a female body and that it’s crucial that we come home to ourselves and learn to enter our bodies with the same reverence, love and worship in which we enter temples and sacred places upon the earth. We come together to remember our tenderness and our compassion, to dare to be emotionally and spiritually naked, and allow ourselves to be seen in ways that may expose our deepest fears and vulnerabilities, as well as our greatest strengths, our divine light, and deepest beauty wisdom gifts.

We gather to remember that we are primal, wild, strong, audacious, fierce and free, and we must dare to enter our lives with this kind of pure unbridled mana pulsing through our veins. We remember that the cycles of the earth, the oceans and the cosmos live deep within our bodies, and that we are keepers of ancient, primal rhythms, ancestral paths, crucial rites of passages, and the feminine lineage of the great goddess. We gather to remember to own all that is sexy, sacred and powerful within women and to learn how to own our destroy, own our deep, own our power, own our love, and own our magnificent, juicy ability to illuminate this world with the radiant beauty and divine light of the feminine face of god.

We come together to pray in ways women pray when there is no-one to witness the totality of our surrender. To heal our shadow and transform all the ways that women have been suppressed, oppressed, shamed, and held back. We gather to hold space for on another as enter our inner work, move between worlds and test flight our wings. And together we roar and howl at the moon when our time has come birth, die, awaken and fully live!

                            Now you can begin to taste the kind of feminine space that you will move into within the
                                     Retreats and Weekend workshops that are being revealed upon this page.

My invitation to you beloved woman is to say “yes’ to the adventure of being deeply in love with yourself,
and say “yes” to being surrounded by a community of women that will call you to power, and call you to awaken and birth all you carry within you,
for the sake of the one heart of all beings that we share this precious planet with.